Finding the Right Bank for Your Business

Finding the Right Bank for Your Small Business

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new financial partner, finding the right bank for your business may be trickier than it sounds. A bank that has provided great personal service for many years may not offer what you need for the day-to-day operations of your business. Likewise, a large, business-focused bank may … [Read more…]

Bring Your Own Applications (BYOA) May Bring Headaches for Business Owners

BYOA Brings Headaches for Business Owners

What do you get when you cross mobility with cloud computing? BYOA. As a small business owner, you likely have one or more employees who bring their smartphone or mobile device to work. In today’s world, employees often use these multi-functional devices for more than simply reminding a spouse to pick up milk on the … [Read more…]

The Secret SaaS Marketing Arsenal Hiding Right Under Your Nose

SaaS Marketing

Sure, it may look like an ordinary smartphone. In fact, it may look exactly like the smartphone you use to communicate with your clients. But if you’re a savvy software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketer, you’ll see that it’s really much more than a simple phone. It’s a key weapon in your marketing arsenal. When creating a new … [Read more…]

Big Data and Analytics For Solar

Big Data Analytics for Solar

As the interest in renewable energy grows globally, solar energy has increased in popularity with both consumers and businesses. The Solar Energies Industry Association reported that in 2012, the U.S. markets installed a record-breaking 3,313 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity.  And large, well-known companies such as Apple are making the news for their  increased interest in using alternative energy to power … [Read more…]

Behavioral Analysis of Big Data for Authentication: a Win/Win for B2B?

Big Data for Authentication

Are you looking to improve your information security? If so, you’ve likely read up on adding authentication measures to your IT infrastructure, but do you know how to choose the best measures for your organization?  Here’s some good news. Applying analytics to big data for authentication measures has the potential to increase both security and … [Read more…]

Deposit Retrieval: Added Value for Your SaaS Startup Clients

Deposit Retrieval Boosts SaaS Sales

  Do you own a SaaS startup? if so, you know that business is booming for software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. Along with sales to consumers and small businesses, enterprise organizations are investing heavily in off-site software, and Gartner Research forecasts that almost 50 percent of enterprises will use cloud-based services by the end of 2017. And as  investment … [Read more…]

How Banks Combat Mobile Fraud with Behavioral Analytics

mobile fraud

The world is becoming more dependent on mobile phones, and criminals are taking note. Everywhere you look, people are on smartphones to check emails, send texts, download apps and even do their banking. As mobile banking becomes more popular, criminals are finding new ways to attack smartphones. Mobile fraud occurs when the bad guys hijack apps … [Read more…]

Digital Media Marketing Using Facial Recognition and Geofencing?

What do you get when you combine facial recognition with a GPS enabled smartphone? If you’re a retailer, the answer is simple. You have an awesome digital media marketing opportunity to immediately send a customized text (SMS) offer directly to an individual’s phone. The real deal-clincher?  They’re offers based on information produced by facial recognition … [Read more…]

Cloud Computing Services: About Tech Escrow Agreements

Release Events

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are investing more time and money than ever before in cloud computing services. Protecting assets against events such as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider’s bankruptcy is becoming a priority for reducing business risk. If you’re like most business owners, you want to make sure that your tech assets, like the mission-critical applications … [Read more…]

How to Find New Clients: Get Started With These 10 Surprising Places

Are you struggling to find new clients?  Attracting new business and converting them to loyal customers is arguably the most important activity of a small business owner. Whether you are a freelance web designer, a blogger for hire, or a SaaS startup with a shoestring marketing budget, building a strong customer base is crucial for … [Read more…]