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Big Data Analytics for Solar 0

Big Data and Analytics For Solar

As the interest in renewable energy grows globally, solar energy has increased in popularity with both consumers and businesses. The Solar Energies Industry Association reported that in 2012, the U.S. markets installed a record-breaking 3,313 megawatts...

Big Data for Authentication

Behavioral Analysis of Big Data for Authentication: a Win/Win for B2B?

Are you looking to improve your information security? If so, you’ve likely read up on adding authentication measures to your IT infrastructure, but do you know how to choose the best measures for your...

mobile fraud 0

How Banks Combat Mobile Fraud with Behavioral Analytics

The world is becoming more dependent on mobile phones, and criminals are taking note. Everywhere you look, people are on smartphones to check emails, send texts, download apps and even do their banking. As mobile...

Commodity Traders Get Analytics Edge

Analytics Edge Helps Commodities Pros

Commodities professionals have had a rough go of it over the past few years.  Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co.  and Morgan Stanley all slashed commodities trading jobs in 2013, according to Bloomberg....

big data and analytics

Bank’s Use of Big Data and Analytics Holds Key Lessons for Entrepreneurs

A growing Utah-based bank is finding new customers and new business opportunities using public records,  big data and analytics. According to an American Banker article, Zions Bank studies its own transactional data and customer records to find underbanked customer sectors.  By...

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